LIFE IP INTEMARES and Observadores del Mar collaborate to promote a marine citizen science program.
19/09/2020 The Observadores del Mar citizen science platform establishes an alliance with the LIFE IP INTEMARES project, the largest marine environment conservation project in Europe, and which is coordinated by the Biodiversity Foundation of the Ministry for Ecological Transition. This collaboration aims to promote a marine citizen science program and strengthen a research network made up of citizens, scientists and professionals that provides and validates data related to impacts, habitats and species in the Spanish marine environment, especially in the areas of the Red Natura 2000 marine. This seeks to achieve effective, innovative and integrated management of marine protected areas, taking into account the active participation of the sectors involved and research as basic tools for decision-making. The LIFE IP INTEMARES project has the financial contribution of the LIFE program of the European Union, among other sources of financing. Click to learn more about the project LIFE IP INTEMARES .