At Scientix 2019
Antonio Cuesta of ICMAN-CSIC and researcher of the platform.
February 2 and 3 Antonio Cuesta of the ICMAN-CSIC and researcher of the platform, participated in the round table 'Citizen Science in the classroom' with the experiences of the project Plastic0 (now called Microplastic Watchers) of the platform, in the II National Conference #ScientixSpain on February 2 and 3 in the National Museum of Science and Technology of Alcobendas. Teachers, researchers, policy makers, etc. participated. to talk about the active participation of citizens, specifically examples of work in classrooms. Scientix is ​​a project managed by the European Schoolnet that facilitates the exchange of technical knowledge and practical examples of science education. The Microplastic Watchers project of the platform, led by Luis F. Ruiz-Orejón and Gemma Agell from the CEAB-CSIC, works this 2019 with students from more than 35 educational centers that monitor the presence of microplastics on the beaches of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands at the same time they learn science. On the FECYT YouTube Channel you can see a recording of the round table held within the framework of Scientix 2019 .