Ghost Fishing
STOP Ghost Fishing
Marine biodiversity is affected by ghost fishing artifacts. To fight the threat they pose to biodiversity and security, a multisectoral network will be encouraged to report observations, rescue entangled fauna, and safely remove artifacts for proper management and disposal at the receiving port.
Scientific framework
Is part of the long-term "Mediterranean top pelagics monitoring programme" initiated in 1990 by ALNITAK. The program is made up of Alnitak, ICTS SOCIB and NOAA NMFS, and is currently made up of more than 30 research centres and universities from various countries, in addition to the collaboration of shareholders and port, fishing, maritime transport, tourism and environmental authorities from countries of the Mediterranean.
How to get involved
We need your collaboration to obtain the necessary sample size of good quality data to compile a robust report that relevant authorities require to take action in the management of the risk of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing that is at the source of the alarming ghost fishing situation in the Mediterranean. The data and images collected will annually be presented to MAPA, MITECO, EC DGMARE, ICCAT and the FAO General Fisheries Council of the Mediterranean.

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Scientific team
Ricardo Sagarminaga
Sergio Ruiz Halpern
Save The Med
Estibaliz Samaniego
Asociación Española de Basuras Marinas
David March Morla
Universidad de Valencia
Neus Segura Alemany
Debora Morrison
Fundación Palma Aquarium
Xisca Pujol Cunill
Fundación Palma Aquarium
Jesús Tomás Aguirre
Universitat de Valencia
Alexander Sanchez
Bernardi Alba
Asociación Nacional de Pesca
Eva Maria Moron
Pedro Hernandez
David León Muez
Hombre y Territorio
Patricio Peñalver Duque
Hombre y Territorio
Alejandro Terrón-Sigler
Hombre y Territorio
Clara Cánovas

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