Coral Alert!
Endangered species
Climate change is causing rapid warming of the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, its warming rates are above the average for the oceans. The increase in temperature is transforming marine ecosystems and, in the case of coral and gorgonia, it is severely affecting their conservation and viability.
Scientific framework
An international team is studying the impact of climate change on coral and gorgonia populations and has discovered mass mortality and changes to reproductive periods and the expansion of species. It is urgent to know their distribution and health condition for effective conservation.
How to get involved
If you dive, you can report the location and health condition of coral populations, gather information about the colonies at different times of year, detect introduced species and, between May and June, photograph the Paramuricea clavata red gorgonian in reproduction.

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Scientific team
Joaquim Garrabou
ICM-CSIC - Responsable del proyecto
Stéphane Sartoretto
LER/PAC, IFREMER - Contacto Nacional (Francia)
Silvija Kipson
University of Zagreb - Contacto Nacional (Croacia)
Oscar Ocaña
Fundación Museo del Mar Ceuta - Contacto Nacional (España)
Maria Sini
University of the Agean - Contacto Nacional (Grecia, Lesvos)
Eda Topcu
University of Istanbul - Contacto Nacional (Turquía)
Paula López Sendino
Diego Kurt Kersting
Universidad de Barcelona (UB)
Laura Figuerola
Universidad de Barcelona (UB)
Josep-Maria Gili
Blanca Figuerola
Daniel Gómez-Gras
Alba Medrano
Universidad de Barcelona (UB)
Marta Pagès-Escola
Universitat de Barcelona (UB)
Alfonso Ramos Esplá
Universidad de Alicante
Andrés Izquierdo
Universidad de Alicante
Cristina Linares
Universitat de Barcelona (UB)
Yanis Zentner
Universidad de Barcelona (UB)

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