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Fan mussels (Pinna nobilis) are bivalve molluscs that are endemic to the Mediterranean and live in Posidonia oceanica fields. They can reach 40 years of age. Since autumn 2016, a pathogen has caused the mortality of fan mussels to rocket. This impact comes together with other threats such as pollution, fishing and degradation of their habitat.
Scientific framework
The nationwide Pinna project is studying the dispersion of the pathogen, its impact on fan mussel populations and other factors that cause their mortality. This information is used to assess the damage and recovery of the species and management measures are proposed to deal with possible similar events.
How to get involved
If you dive and find fan mussels, dead or alive, report their location, depth and health condition. Your observation is crucial to expand our knowledge of this problem. You can also report the presence of Pinna rudis, another fan mussel species, which is not threatened but less known.

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Scientific team
Iris Hendriks
IMEDEA (CSIC-UIB) - Responsable de proyecto
Maite Vázquez
Elvira Álvarez
Salud Deudero
Eli Nebot

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