Invasive Algae
Colonisation of the seabed
The entry of exotic algal species in the Mediterranean is increasing, a process that is worsening due to human activity. One example of this is Caulerpa cylindracea, one of the invasive species that has the greatest impact due to factors such as mechanical destruction of marine habitats and excess nutrients, among others.
Scientific framework
A specialised team is identifying and studying how exotic algae are colonising coastal areas and affecting biodiversity and ecosystems. This monitoring encourages more effective management, but to do this we need data about the presence of certain species and their impact.
How to get involved
If you dive or snorkel you can expand the information we have about invasive algae. When you see a target species or one you have never seen before, take a photo to help identify it and send details about its environment. If you visit the same area, you will contribute to assessing the expansion of identified species.

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Scientific team
Fiona Tomas
IMEDEA (UIB-CSIC) - Responsable del proyecto
Laura Royo
María García
Enric Ballesteros
Emma Cebrián
María Altamirano
Universidad de Málaga

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