Marine Litter
A persistent, global problem
Marine waste is a global problem with a direct impact on seas and oceans around the world. Poorly managed waste ends up in the sea from rivers or directly from maritime trade, fishing and other activities. This waste concentrates on coasts, in estuaries and on the seabed and may persist for thousands of years.
Scientific framework
Various studies focus on analysing the effects of waste on ecosystems and organisms on the seabed and predicting the coastal areas near river mouths with the greatest build-up of waste to improve our knowledge of this problem and its management.
How to get involved
If you dive, fish or frequently visit the coast, you can provide very valuable information. Take photos of the waste built up on beaches, in estuaries, on the seabed or in your fishing net. Estimate its density and report the habitats where you found it and the creatures in contact with it.

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