Observations out at sea
In spite of the large amount of observations performed by the birdwatching community around the world, information about the presence of birds out at sea is scarce in comparison. Gathering data about birds out at sea has great value in studying the conditions of their habitats and their relationship with the marine environment.
Scientific framework
There is a gap in knowledge about which birds are out at sea, in which area and at what times. This information can be cross-referenced with water body salinity and temperature data, primary production and even areas of high fishing activity.
How to get involved
If you have some ornithological knowledge and go sailing, you can contribute a lot to the project. Identify the birds in different parts of the sea in different seasons of the year, spot iconic, protected or endangered species, and report on unusual behaviour you may detect or distribution changes.

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Scientific team
Joan Navarro
ICM-CSIC - Responsable del proyecto
Salvador García
IEO-CSIC - Responsable del Proyecto
Manolo Suárez
GOB Mallorca
Miguel McMinn
GOB Mallorca

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