Decapod Crustaceans
Diversity to be discovered
Decapoda are a group of crustacea that includes craps, shrimps, lobsters, prawns and hermit crabs, among other species. It is a very diverse group but also little-known. In the Mediterranean there are some very common and very rare species, and others that are invasive.
Scientific framework
Within a context of global change, studying species of decapoda allows us to understand the transformations nature is undergoing. So we are gathering data about the location and habitats of these animals, their cycles and the presence of exotic species.
How to get involved
On the coast or in the water you can gather valuable information about decapoda. Take photos of them in their habitat and during various stages of development, identify invasive species or report any anomalies you detect, such as mass mortality or variations in reproduction.

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Scientific team
Jose A. Cuesta
David Díaz
Paula C. Rodriguez
Elena Marco-Herrero
IEO-CSIC - Responsable del Proyecto
Pere Abelló

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