Sea Turtles
Strong but vulnerable
Sea turtles are highlt migratory species and quite frequent in Spanish waters. The most common species are the loggerhead and leatherback turtles, but its possible to observe up to 6 species. Until recently, juveniles were hardly observed during their migrations and feeding periods, but recently, the observations of adults and their nesting on beaches is increasing.
Scientific framework
The detectability of sea turtles is very low. That is why the scientific knowledge is very limited, especially for rare or nesting species. In addition, they suffer serious threats that can be mitigated. Any information about a threat helps us protect that turtle and better design the rescue and recovery strategies.
How to get involved
Your help is very important to improve the knowledge and conservation of sea turtles in Spain. Any image or information that you send us about sea turtles in the sea or in the beach will be very useful. The urgent communication with 112 of a turtle trail of hatchlings on the beach or a female trying to spawn is very important.

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Scientific team
Adolfo Marco
EBD-CSIC - Responsable del proyecto
Alfredo López
José Luis Crespo
Leire Ruiz
Pedro García
Xisca Pujol
Palma Aquarium
Nuria Varo
Elena Abella

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