Mediterranean Fishes
Change indicators
Today we still do not know many details about the habitats and distribution of fish species in the Mediterranean. Moreover, some species are particularly sensitive to increases in the sea temperature and in response they modify their population distribution, which makes them indicators of climate change.
Scientific framework
Observations of the presence of fish in different areas and times allows us to understand many aspects of the biology, ecology, habitats, area of distribution, population dynamics and the effects of local or global environmental disturbances such as climate change.
How to get involved
If you dive, snorkel or fish, you can expand our knowledge of fish. Take photos of species that are indicators of climate change, gather data about their abundance and location, and report unknown fish, cases of mass mortality, variations to their distribution and alteration to their habitat.

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Scientific team
Antoni García Rubies
Responsable de proyecto - CEAB
Ernesto Azzurro
Claudio Barría
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)
José A. García Charton
Francesco Tiralongo
Amalia Cuadros
Eneko Aspillaga

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