As beautiful as they are fragile
Seahorses and pipefish are species that are closely connected to their environment. They are not very mobile and they have a particular form of reproduction in which the males incubate the eggs. These characteristics make them animals that are very sensitive to changes to their habitat, and they are often threatened by human activity.
Scientific framework
Studying the biology and ecology of these organisms makes it possible to find out their vulnerability to the impact of humans and produce plans to preserve these fragile species. With this aim in mind, the project focuses on identifying and characterising syngnathidae populations on our coastline.
How to get involved
If you dive, you can do a lot to protect these astounding creatures. Report the presence and abundance of seahorse and pipefish species in your area, take photos and describe the habitat of these animals. You can also follow the evolution of their populations over time.

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Scientific team
Miquel Planas
IIM-CSIC - Responsable de proyecto
Jorge Urcera
Sira Pereira
Borja Mercado
ONG Ambiens

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