Syngnathid Challenge
Collaborate with the Spanish atlas of seahorses and pipefish
06/05/2024 Seahorses and pipefish are vulnerable species included in 2011 on the List of Wild Species under Special Protection Regime. Despite this protection situation, the information available on the state of wild populations is very deficient. Its conservation requires the need to collect, analyze and evaluate existing information, as well as expand knowledge to the extent possible. To fill this information gap, the project Hippo-DEC, coordinated by Miquel Planas, responsible for the Syngnathids project at Observadores del Mar, and Jorge Urcera, both researchers at the Institute of Marine Research of Vigo (IIM-CSIC), focuses on the diagnosis of the conservation status of seahorses on the Spanish coast. Within the framework of this project, Observadores del Mar is launching the Syngnathid Challenge: collaborate with the Atlas of syngnathids of the Spanish coast by contributing with observations of seahorses and pipefish! HOW TO PARTICIPATE? 1. Register at Observadores del Mar. 2. Watch the video of the information session. 3. Participate in the challenge days: weekends focused on the search and sighting of these species: - May 25-26. Registration closed. - July 20-21. Sign up here - September 28-29. (Registration from September 16) 4. Upload your observations of seahorses and pipefish to the project Syngnathids project at Observadores del Mar! Do you have a diving center and want more information? Contact Here you have all the information about the development of the activity. The Hippo-DEC project is led by the IIM-CSIC and financed by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.