The CRAM Foundation joins the Observadores del Mar Sea Turtles project
07/09/2023 The staff of the CRAM Foundation has joined the scientific team of the Sea Turtles project, coordinated by Adolfo Marco (EBD-CSIC), where they will contribute their great experience in the conservation and recovery of these species. The CRAM Foundation has been dedicated, for 25 years, to the protection of the marine environment and the species that inhabit it through the clinic and rescue of marine fauna, research and conservation of marine species and ecosystems, and awareness in favor of ocean conservation. With the adhesion of CRAM, there are already 19 collaborating entities that act as speakers for Observadores del Mar in their territories, an essential support to expand participation in marine citizen science. The Sea Turtles project invites citizens to report information on sightings of turtles, healthy or injured, and the presence of nests on the beaches to centralize this essential information for the design of better protection and rescue strategies.