"10 años de miradas para el cambio"
The 6th of May we celebrate our 10th anniversary in Barcelona. Come with us!
15/04/2022 Observadores del Mar started 10 years ago and now we are more than 3,600 committed people who, together, have achieved more than 16,000 observations. Thanks to you who support wide, open, shared, collaborative and diverse information. Thank you for all this time doing marine citizen science by our side. It is time to get together, to review the path traveled, to remember achievements, to dream of new milestones. It is time to enjoy and celebrate. For this reason, we invite you to the event “Observadores del Mar: 10 years of looks for change” on Friday, May 6th in the afternoon at the Institut de Ciències del Mar (ICM-CSIC) in Barcelona. You can also follow it by streaming. SIGN UP HERE - PROGRAMME - What will the event be like? The act will be divided into two parts. The first will show, from the hands of its protagonists, the birth of the marine citizen science platform and its objective of responding to the concerns of citizens. In addition, we will show all the projects that have been nurturing the platform, creating a growing connection between society and science. Through relaxed gatherings and round tables we will present the impacts that have been generated in a decade, including unexpected findings, monitoring of species and alliances between entities. At the same time, we will talk about the current and future challenges that we want to tackle together. We will celebrate the second part in the courtyard enjoying a concert, interviews, snacks and some other surprises. "10 years of looks for change" is the event that will celebrate the great power that citizen science has to warn of changes in marine ecosystems, to connect scientific knowledge with the general public, to be used to improve marine management, so that each person knows and loves the sea. Come celebrate it! We are waiting for you #OdM10Years