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Sparisoma cretense

(Linnaeus, 1758)

Author: Ernesto Azzurro

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Common name:

Mediterranean parrotfish


Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea


· Colour: Males are grey-brown, more pale on belly. Females generally reddish with a yellow spot on the upper part of caudal peduncle. Other colour patterns such as dark green and marbled also occur.
· Morphology: up to 45 cm, usually 15-25 cm.
· Size: up to 45 cm, usually 15-25 cm.


Rocky shores, seagrass beds


Between 0 and 50 m

Current Mediterranean Distribution:

Eastern Central and Western Mediterranean Sea, more common in the southern basin

Why is it important to monitor this species:

The Mediterranean parrotfish has been defined as a 'tropical fish in a temperate sea'. Recent evidences testify for the northward expansion of this species in the Mediterranean Sea, possibly due to global warming.

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